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3 key questions to ask

Film offices must identify what makes your community unique, have procedures in place and collaborate with industry partners. Consider the following three questions as you look to take your program to the next level!

1. Why your community?

We believe the unique landscape, natural environment and vibrant cultural center of Dahlonega & the Georgia Mountain region provides a spectacular backdrop and can fit many creative needs. We know how special these assets are and do everything we can to share images and videos. We have these assets available online for people to remotely tour as well as host quarterly location manager event. As you grow, brainstorm your best (and accessible) assets, contact the property owners about their interest in filming and make sure you have a online presence (social media and website). Go ahead and take an active approach to marketing versus passively waiting for productions to find you.

2. Are you ready?

Production companies will be ready to hit the ground running when they arrive to your community and likely be on a very tight schedule. A film ordinance and official permitting process are essential to facilitate the production needs while also protecting your community assets. Consider all of the items and services a production company may need and create a database. This database is a great opportunity to highlight and connect your locally owned businesses with film productions. Be prepared to assist with the common requests related to lodging, catering and security to the out of the ordinary needs such as Christmas decorations in August. We have learned it is best to have a single point of contact production companies can reach out to for answers or who can forward them to the appropriate contact.

3. Who are your partners?

Here at the North Georgia Film Office, we are fortunate to have a diverse group of partners, each bringing something unique to the table - University of North Georgia’s Film department, Georgia's Film Music & Digital Entertainment, City of Atlanta, Georgia Production Partnerships, Film City and the regional camera ready liaisons to name a few. Partnering with folks in your region and the state allows you to do more and gain more exposure for your region. Additionally, the networking events through these partnerships allows us to stay connected as well as learn about state, national and international industry trends.

These are just a few of our ideas! Please share what you have been doing in the comment box below. We are always eager to learn!

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