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The City receives money from filming on City-owned property in accordance with fees set in the City of Dahlonega Film Ordinance.  The fee structure is competitive with other jurisdictions in the state and offsets project-related costs such as staff time, wear and tear on municipal facilities, metered water, etc. In the absence of fees, the expense would be borne by the public. The City does not receive money for shooting on private property nor do we participate in, negotiate on behalf of, or know the results of individual property owner negotiations. 

The North Georgia Film Office addresses the coordination for use of City/County facilities and rights-or ways.  We provide information about private property locations and contacts in support of the Georgia Camera Ready Program, but do not have a direct role in negotiations between production companies and use of private property. Direct conversations between private property owners and the production team often provides more specific information about the use of the property than the North Georgia Film Office would gather through the permitting process.  

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